26 July 2008

New Project - "Gather 'Round the Mic"

My new documentary project, a concert film called "Gather 'Round the Mic" was filmed in Cleveland in June. I'll blog more about it as I ramp up post-production, but it was certainly an experience I'll never forget!

Here's the trailer!
Gather 'Round the Mic - The Teaser

And the basic summary -
15 Musicians.
15 Places They Call Home.
1 Weekend In Cleveland Making Music Their Way.

For one weekend in June, 2008, 15 musicians from around the world descended upon a backyard in Cleveland, Ohio. Some had never met, many had never played together in their lives. But, they were united by a common desire - to play music on their terms.

The second night, they played a free 10-hour show at Verlie's, a small bar in Cleveland. By the end of that night, once "Top Friends" on MySpace became lifelong friends, and those in attendance had their ears and eyes opened to music free of gloss, pomp, and circumstance - real music played with genuine passion and heart.

And a guy in a kilt...

This is the film of that weekend.

Red Window Pictures presents
"Gather 'Round the Mic"
A Film by Tyler Weaver

Featuring the music of
Allen J.M. Smith
Bell Tone Easy
Jay D. Cox
Joellen Robinson
Kimberley Arnold
Klaus Peter
Martin Gibson
Postcard Comets
Virginia Evans


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