19 April 2009

We have nothing to fear except...

One of my greatest fears has come to fruition.

The potential of the realization of such fear has been in the back of my mind for nearly 10 years. Every day since, every wasted half hour has led to this moment.

I'm forming opinions of design shows.

"No - pick house number 2 - it's a better investment!"
"You know, I really like the use of color here."
"Those people really have no clue what they're doing."

"Flipping" has become part of my vocabulary. I actually know what it is, beyond the first word in a phrase resulting in the middle digit of either hand being raised in protest, anger, and/or spite.

And the worst - I actually don't mind going to Home Depot anymore. I HATE HOME DEPOT. It's the center of the moron universe. A meeting ground for half-assed, HGTV-inspired "home renovations."

Will I succumb to what may be my ultimate destiny - to join those congregating at the apex of idiocy? Will my opinions give way to an unyielding urge to "flip?"

Will I choose tate olive or velvet crimson?

Will it be eggshell or matte?

Will Ty Pennington please shut up?


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