30 May 2009

"Gather 'Round the Mic" is Online - WHY?

It may seem like an odd choice, and one that potentially could reflect negatively on the film itself. What does it say about the film? Am I tired of trying to arrange screenings? Am I tired of getting turned down at festivals? Am I tired of the film in general?

The answer. Not at all. At least to the last one. I'm proud of what "Gather" is. It's my first feature film. It was made with less than one week of prep time, no crew (except for Jay, my amazing sound guy, and a guitarist in the film), a single camera, and after all was said and done, it cost me about $800 to make an entire movie. From that vantage point - I think I have every reason to be proud of that little movie.

When I took the gig, I had no idea what to expect - would these strangers be OK with a guy running around with a camera all weekend? Would the music be any good? Am I wasting my time?

The Answers - I now consider all of these "strangers" part of my family, they were fine with me running around, the music was amazing, and I most certainly wasn't wasting my time.

So why did I put it online?

Because I want people to see it, and I don't want to have to wait for some film festival to tell me that's OK. If the movie sucks, fine, it's my fault. I would much rather fall flat on my face putting something out there than hiding behind a roomful of people and their permission.

The reality of "Gather" is this - there's no way in hell it would ever screen at a film festival. It's not a "CONCERT FILM," even though it's a film of a concert. There are a total (I believe) of less than 60 cuts in the entire 83:31 film (by contrast, my follow-up promotional video, "Online Research & You" had more than 150 in less than three minutes). There's no soundtrack album. There's no multiple angles, surround sound, or images of the audience picking their nose. No pretentious musings on the deeper meaning of music, or what it means to be a musician. It is what it is, and makes no bones about it.

On that same token, I'm under no visions of grandeur of some distributor swooping in and picking it up, distributing it to Best Buy and Netflix, and that it will lead to my "big break." No one would know how to market it. Hell, I have no clue. I'm making this up as I go along.

Beyond facing up to the harsh realities of this little adventure - the honest truth is that it's a little film. it's rough around the edges, raw, but it has heart. It's about passionate people living the true dream of being an artist - the dream is not a big house, groupies, the world at your fingertips. The dream is in the act of creating, and in sharing that creativity with those around you.

So, "Gather's" online. That's where it's going to live for the forseeable future. It was born on the internet, it will live on the internet, and eventually it will fade into even more obscurity on the internet. For the time being, I hope you enjoy the movie. If not, oh well.

Oh yeah - the movie can be viewed at http://gatherroundthemic-movie.com.


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