23 May 2009

What Really Irks Me #1 - Double Disc DVDs and Digital Copy

This current trend of putting out two DVDs - one, a single disc, bare-bones release, and the other a double-disc release with special features and a digital copy (90% of which don't work on iTunes) - is a tad bit bothersome. That's putting it mildly.

On the surface - I don't mind this. I think digital copies are a good way to go (even though most can make their own copy with any multitude of open-source and otherwise available software).

What really irks me is when I flip over the DVDs to weigh my two options. Single disc - movie, scenes, and previews. OK. Double Disc - movie, making of, commentary, etc ON DISC ONE and digital copy on Disc Two.

What if I don't want the digital copy, but I do want the special features? I have to shell out more $$ for something I don't want?

In my highly inconsequential opinion - the movie industry has to watch it. I see shadows of the RIAA meltdown looming large if this trend continues. Why pay for something you don't want just to get what you do want?

Maybe it's the shift to Blu-Ray, where you get everything and more, plugging in with your Facebook account to talk about the movie live or somesuch nonsense. That said - I still don't see Blu-Ray as a replacement for DVD - it's currently to DVD as laserdisc was to VHS.

Either way, this really irks me.

(By the way, "Valkyrie" was quite good... and I bought the single disc version).


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