25 September 2009

Areas of Existence for the Week of September 21

New Feature here at Multi-Hyphenate.  Since I've begun reviewing Fox's House and FRINGE for pulptone.com, I thought I'd wrap up the writings of the week all in one easy to find place.

This week:
9/20 (I'll include this one) - My Top 10 Opening Scenes
9/22 - Review: House Premiere, "Broken" @ pulptone.com
9/23 - The Slightly Wilted Lettuce on a Connery Sandwich - In Defense of the Bastard Bond
9/25 - Review: FRINGE, "Night of Desirable Objects" @ pulptone.com

As always, I post regularly at my Facebook fan page, and Twitter - so feel free to fan up and/or follow.  Until next time...


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