17 September 2009

I'm a Filmmaker With Karate Chop Action...

... and I'm not the must-have toy of the season.  But...

For my Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and MySpace friends, it may seem that I merely fill space and run my mouth about other peoples' movies, remakes, and assorted miscellany.  I prefer to think of it this way:  social networking has torn down the walls between product and consumer, and I don't believe that I should keep people who like my work at an arm's length.  I enjoy conversing with them, and hearing their thoughts on just about anything.

In short, I AM the product.  Where in the past it was fine to focus on one film, to get that one shot, today is the age where a BODY of work, is paramount.  Your fans, followers, readers, etc.  share in your successes (and your failures) and give you the push to keep going.  The story of the filmmaker is the script I could never write.

We are the protagonists in our own script.  The films (or books, or music, or quilts) we make and the adversity and success we face are the turning points.  Our fans, followers, and readers are the viewers.   And unlike a film - they can have a direct effect on the outcome of your script.   Gather 'Round the Mic, my first feature-length doc, wouldn't have happened without that interactivity.  A plot turning point brought about by MySpace.

Whether our script is one that culminates in triumph over adversity or tragedy through obsession is entirely up to the filmmaker.  The movie is no longer just on the big screen, it's in the lives we lead and the image we project to our loyal fans and followers - who are no longer nameless, faceless box office receipts, but rather real people living their own script.


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