14 November 2009

A Guide to Recognizing Places I Exist

Four years ago, I wanted nothing to do with social networking.  I thought it was pointless.  Then, one evening, I decided to take the plunge, and see what, as Alfie would attest, it was all about.

Four years later, and I'm juggling multiple points of entry into the reality show of my multi-hyphenate career.

Gather 'Round the Mic wouldn't have happened without MySpace.  I wouldn't be writing reviews for pulptone.com were it not for Twitter.  And most importantly - I wouldn't have come across the work of so many talented people, all of whom make me thrilled to be in such company, and only slightly insanely jealous.

This little guide to what I use each website/profile/etc. for might end up being more for me to stay on target - if you find it useful, more power to you.


tyler-weaver.com - My official website, the place all my business cards send people.  It's the main point of entry into my work, and contains links to all of the movies I don't mind people seeing,a continually updated RSS feed from this blog and my pulptone.com reviews.   And if you're so inclined to sit at a computer for 83 minutes and 31 seconds, Gather 'Round the Mic is available in its entirety gratis.

Facebook - Tyler Weaver: Filmmaker - The most "official" of my social networking pages.  Official meaning I'm less of a snarky ass, and somewhat more professional.  Good realm for conversation, links, etc.  In the video section, you can find all of my work (again), and Gather 'Round the Mic in it's chopped up form, Gather 'Round the Mic: The Nibbly Edition.  I also have a private page, where I am a snarky ass.

@tylerweaver on Twitter - my first choice in social networking.  Modern day radio, 140 characters at a time.  Everything and anything goes on here.  I speak my mind freely, I bombard unsuspected tweeple with randomness, and I've met some of the most interesting people.  I don't engage in the "lists" feature, as I would only have two lists - assholes and non-assholes - and I don't follow assholes. 

Multi-Hyphenate - you're reading it now, but I'll state the purpose of this one.  It's a place for me to pen longer articles on any number of topics, mostly related to film and filmmaking.  Basically, I try to write the articles I would want to read.  If other people want to read them too - all the better!  It's much more interesting than talking to myself.

Son of Multi-Hyphenate - I'm still getting a feel for Tumblr, but I'm finding it to be quite fun.  Expect it to be the ADD-version of this blog.  Random things, thoughts, etc.  Also, exclusives that don't quite fit in anywhere else - including some of my musical pieces from my previous life.

Vimeo - My go-to choice for all of my video needs.  Remarkable quality, and a pretty, minimalist interface.  Unlike YouTube.

And, if we want to get professional, I've got a LinkedIn profile as well.  Feel free to add me to your network to get the full on-professional treatment.

And last, but certainly not least, my weekly reviews of House and Fringe run every Tuesday and Friday at pulptone.com.

That's about it.  If I haven't mentioned it, it means I don't really use it anymore.

Until next time...


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