13 November 2009

Kicking In Doors

Recent events in my life have made this article, "Better Living Through Filmmaking" from the ever-wonderful Filmmaker magazine oddly prescient.

The key thing we, as low-budget (or rather, "cost effective") filmmakers possess is resourcefulness.  Is it easy to make a watchable and engaging feature film for no money?  Hell no.  Is it more rewarding?  Hell yes.

We can make something out of nothing.  We can make the smallest thing the greatest.  Our careers and our passions are about taking impossible odds, clenching them by the throat, and tossing them aside.

The successful (and I use this term loosely, as the ultimate success is in doing what you love to do) members of our worldwide clique don't piss and moan about not having this or that, or bitch about adversity, or freak out over the unknown.  When others tell us "no," we do it anyhow.  When others say we're crazy, we say "so what." 

The most important lesson I've learned in my slow burn career is that when one door closes, another opens - it's just a matter of how you open it.  Does someone unlock it for you? Or do you have to kick it in yourself?  Or - after all the effort, does the door just open with nary a protest?

It doesn't matter - you just have to be ready when it does open.  And being resourceful is the first and most important step to walking through with your head on your shoulders.


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