25 November 2009

On Collaboration

Since I started down the filmmaking path in one of the noughts, I have largely been "going it alone."  Most of this is undoubtedly due to my background in music composition - the "old dead white guy" kind, not the stuff with words.  My life as a composer was a solitary one, and I think in large part, I fooled myself into believing that "going it alone" was more in tune with my personality.

I didn't know myself very well.

Every few months, I go through a phase where I would rather be a novelist.   I don't have to deal with other people.  I'm free of budgetary constraints.  I am bound and determined to make the paper my bitch.  Then I realize how much I dislike all of those damn words.  And I want to make pretty pictures.  With music.  So, I go back to my tunnel-visioned ways of "going it alone" as a perpetually stressed multi-hyphenate individual of the filmic persuasion.

Talk about a bullshit way to be.

I recently (as in yesterday) started collaborating on a script with my neighbor (two doors removed), an extremely talented writer possessing the background I lack. Within five minutes of throwing ideas around, we came upon one that caused the simultaneous dude-erific proclamation, "whoa,  cool!"  An idea that, without this collaboration, would never have entered my mind.  Makes me even happier I moved in two doors down, on a random street in Cleveland from a random street in Boston at just the right time. 

Long way of saying that it's great to finally feel that I'm moving into the next phase of my work.  I grew as far as I could alone, now I'm ready to branch out, and to try new things, all in the interest of the only thing that matters at the end of the day:

Telling a fucking good story.  And having fun doing it.


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