14 December 2009

It's Not You, It's Me. Really. Serious. Double Serious.

Dear poli thrill,

This is going to be harder on me than it is on you, my darling - the light of my life.

My sweet sweet... oh screw it.  I think it's time we saw other scripts.

I used to love the scope of you.  I loved caressing you, taking your plot points and turning them into something cinematic.  But then again, you caught me at a transition - from when I loved disjointed narratives with multi-character arcs to just wanting something simple.  Something raw.  Something entertaining that isn't going to be a 200-page fat-ass of a historical/political/thriller/drama script.

I tried chopping you up.  I tried making you into a sleek, svelte 100-page genre picture that entertained, with a narrative thrust.  However, you preferred to sit on your plushy rump in a moo-moo and not get the workout going.  No no, you said, "I need that ho-ho! I need to sprawl across multiple decades," With several (still living) characters - all of whom would probably kill me if I screwed it up.

And I let you.  I let you control me.  I let you take control and sprawl, and grow, and get fatter and fatter.  A Subway diet won't save you now.  I've tried taking you on daily walks, I've tried lipo - and I even removed over half of the content of the book, yet still, a single story was near-impossible to come by.

I hacked.  I slashed.  I went Jack the Ripper on you with the precision of a laser.  But you grew.  You grew like a baby Godzilla.  And then you ate Matthew Broderick.  And we were happy for a little bit.  But then you turned your appetite for expansion and girth on to me.  

So, I'm sorry.  But I think we need some time apart.  I'm done taking you out of your hammock with a boat oar.  Roll yourself over.  Get fit.  Get cleaned up.  Look at you.  You're a disgrace.

But, I still see the glimmer of what I first saw in you.  And I think with a little time apart, we might find that we're compatible again.

Poli thrill, it's not you.  It's me.  Really.

No, OK.  It's you.  Lose some weight and come back 300 pounds lighter without the baggage.


*NOTE - the photo above is obviously not the script of the poli thrill.  That's something else.  Something fun.  Short film stunt double.*


Joanna D'Angelo said...

Oh, that must have been tough! Sooo hard to "break up" with a script/book etc... that you've been working on. But I think you're right - sometimes you've just got to put it away - for a long time. If it's meant to be it'll come back to you. (paraphrasing from "Indecent Proposal". ;)

Tyler Weaver said...

Yeah, it's been weighing on me for awhile - all 400 pounds of her. This script is like Demi Moore in that movie. If she weighed 800 pounds. I can see there's Demi Moore, but it's hidden.

King is a Fink said...

Joanna’s right. When someone (or something) doesn’t hold up their end of a relationship (i.e. staying focussed and w/in accepted page limits), you have to cut the cord.

It’s hard to do, though. We have a feature that we love and spent a lot of time on but needs to be restructured. Frankly, we just don’t have to the heart to do it. Too in love with the original ideas and the dialogue. Plan to take a peek at it down the line after we have a few other things under our belts.

I wonder if writers ever swap & revise scripts they love but can’t look at anymore. Sort of like a nerdy key party type thing...

Tyler Weaver said...

Since the script is based on a true story, and historical events are so important - the art of cutting it down to size was really difficult, and getting the necessary exposition to be engaging.

I think with some time away from each other, I might have that "eureka" moment and crack it. But for now, a trial separation is in order.

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