17 December 2009

Inspiration - Will Eisner

Several of my filmmaking influences are not filmmakers.  I think it's important to not have my head firmly in one medium, but bring in the influences from several different ones to make a more complete and well-rounded Medium.

I wanted to write a few words this morning about one of my biggest influences from the non-film world:  Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit and the superb graphic works A Contract with God and The Plot.  Not only did he redefine comic books with his ever-reaching explorations of the medium, but he was the one thing too many artists forget to be - a businessman.

He was at home starting companies and drawing buxom women.  Negotiating contracts and laboring over a panel.  He was the apex of the artist and business, and understood that one could not come with out the other.  A skill in art that was unparalleled, often imitated, but never reproduced, and a business-savvy that would make Richard Branson blush.

The days of saying "I just want to direct" are over.  One would do well to look at Eisner's background for inspiration and a picture of unparalleled devotion to craft and the protection of his craft through business.


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