25 January 2010

All-New. All-Different. All-Hyphenated.

 by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

Welcome to the all-new, all-different MULTI-HYPHENATE!

When I first entered into the blog-world back in who knows when (I honestly can't remember - it feels like I've been doing this for eons), this blog was merely my own small personal blog with a cool name.  In the first week of 2010, I decided to turn it into something different - a blogazine featuring articles I want to read by creatives that I admire and respect. With a cool name.

In a nutshell, MH is a blogazine featuring articles by the new wave of independent filmmakers, comic book creators, writers, photographers, musicians, marketeers, and any other creative type as they navigate the murky waters of this crazed new media landscape.

The water metaphor is important here.  Water signifies the shedding of roots, and a willingness to part with what has come before, carried only by the strength of your own abilities and the turning tides of the water.  It is no longer enough to "just direct" or "just write" or "just draw."  Anyone who says "I just wanna direct" or "I just wanna paint" is in for a harsh wake-up call.

We live in a world now where connectivity is essential, where multiple information sources compete for every nanosecond of our attention, and attention spans are dwindling at a rapid and disheartening rate.  Technology has made art forms that were practicable by only those "in" the world (film especially) now available to all.  Competition is fierce, as we fight for attention in an ocean of skateboarding bulldogs, real-time news feeds, and I Can Haz Cheezburger distractions.

What makes art profitable, marketable, and sustainable in today's world?  People who can do more than one thing with equal vigor and ability.  Creatives (yes, I'm making a conscious effort to shed the word "artist") who take control of and responsibility for every aspect of their product - and simultaneously welcome the ideas and input of others in a cooperative and mutually beneficial working relationship.  The short term fix is out, the one-hit wonder is done.  Now is the time for the creation of a lifelong body of creative endeavours, without fear of failure or fear of your own success.

The comic book creator Will Eisner is among my greatest inspirations.  The creator of The Spirit, and the father of the modern graphic novel, Eisner reinvented the visual storytelling medium and at the same time was a shrewd and cunning businessman who retained rights to his creations, and was as comfortable with a pen and panel as he was with a suit and board meeting.

In short, I want to shatter the "artiste" stereotype and reinvent what it means to be an "artist" in today's digital economy and age of concept.

In the coming weeks and months, you will find articles by some amazing people.  95% of the writings you will read are by people who entered my sphere of attention through Twitter.  These are insanely creative and talented people from all walks of the creative life.  And this blog will be shameless in the promotion of their work.

I asked these creatives and fellow multi-hyphenates to join me in this little endeavour for one simple reason: I like what they have to say, and I want to read it.  Pure and simple.  I like their work, I like them, and as I find inspiration from them, I hope to pass it on to you, the readers of this blog.

So, without any further adieu, welcome to the new Multi-Hyphenate.  It's gonna be fun.

Tyler Weaver is an independent filmmaker, currently writing two feature films, producing two music videos, prepping two short films, and is the founder and EIC of Multi-Hyphenate... which you're reading right now.


Kathy said...

Congrats on your new blog. I just happened to stumble in here from a twitter retweet. Just wanted to say that I think your site's design is pretty gorgeous, so kudos to the designer. Good luck with your endeavors.

Tyler Weaver said...

Hi Kathy - thanks for dropping by and for your gracious words!

Kim Hutchinson said...

Hey, Tyler, the new blog looks great. Look forward to future posts!

Jeff Dolan said...

I love what you wrote here. This is a breath of fresh air. It's hard to stick to this when the specialists are banging their chests, but the world needs both types of creatives.

Tyler Weaver said...

Hi Jeff - many thanks for checking out this site. I greatly appreciate your support!

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