19 January 2010

Big News in Little Multi-Hyphenate-Land

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

If you couldn't tell from my incessant ramblings, website tweaks, Twitter-pimping, and a guest review of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones by fellow Cleveland filmmaker Michael Wendt, changes are afoot in Multi-Hyphenate land.

It's a relief to finally get to fill you all in on exactly what's happening.  I've been doing "marketeer" speak for awhile now, and I'm ready to lay it out in plain English, devoid of hyperbole mysterioso.

Without any further adieu...

I'm thrilled to announce that Frederick Marx, the Emmy and Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind HOOP DREAMS - hailed by Roger Ebert as the greatest film of the 1990s - will be joining our hyphenated band of creatives as Multi-Hyphenate's first special guest blogger on Friday, January 29.  His new feature documentary, JOURNEY FROM ZANSKAR, featuring the Dalai Lama and narration by Richard Gere, premieres next month in Boulder, and Multi-Hyphenate will be carrying his Director's Statement for that film! 

I'm beyond excited for Frederick's words to land on these pages, and I hope all of you will join me in welcoming him on Friday, January 29th.

When I made the off-the-cuff decision to open MH up to contributions, I never expected the outpouring of interest in writing for this little experiment.  95% of the contributors featured here came from Twitter.  For anyone doubting the usefulness or relevance of this little phenomenon, I respectfully disagree.  There's something special in the air on Twitter, and it only requires an open mind and a willingness to contribute to see.

Next week is the big launch.  If all goes to plan (which it never does, but life would be boring if the best laid plans panned out exactly as... planned), expect a new article every day from one of our esteemed creative multihyphenates such as photographer Katie Winters, comic book creator and Pulp Tone founder Anthony Schiavino, filmmaking duo King Is a Fink (Jessica King and Julie Keck), film publicist Sheri Candler, my writing partner Paul Klein, myself, and of course, Frederick Marx as he readies for the premiere of his new film JOURNEY FROM ZANSKAR.

And that's just the first two weeks.

Stay tuned for next week's relaunch, be sure to follow on Twitter, and become a fan on our new Facebook page!

Thanks for your support!

Tyler Weaver is an independent filmmaker, currently writing two feature films, producing two music videos, prepping two short films, and is the founder and EIC of Multi-Hyphenate... which you're reading right now.


quicksilverfunsugar said...

Multihyphenate expands. Excellent.
Eye on "reveals." Nice. X-Work - quicksilverfunsugar

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