07 January 2010

On Shoes, Rocks, and Other Bumps in the 24FPS Road

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

As a creatively-focused individual with a passion for the most collaborative of the arts - film - I've spent innumerable hours reaching out, networking, and of course, writing and creating.  As I'm but a small fish in a sea of greater talents and lucky strokes, there has been a nagging question on my mind. 

For what, exactly, do I spend hours creating, toiling, networking, and clicking?

Success? No, not really.  OK, a little bit.  I'd like to be "successful" in what I do.  I'd like to make a living doing what I love to do.  My definition of success if not, as many of my generation (and those previous) were brought up believing.  I do not believe that success is measured in stacks of green paper with dead guys on them, nor in castles made of sand or nice suits and eye candy clinging to my arm.  It is not in comfort.  In three square meals.  In a roof over one's head.  It is not judged by the size of my house, nor in the pedigree of my dog, nor in the private school I send my child to.

Success lies in the perseverance over incalculable odds.  It matters not how quickly we achieve it - but in the love and dedication we give to that which we dedicate ourselves.  A career is not a life - but lives are ruined by the pursuit of them.  The truly successful are those that fight against that outcome happening and emerge at the end of the road happy with the quality of the shoes they wore and the stones that shuffled under their feet.

It's all about the work, and a love for the work.  And a love of learning - of being a dedicated student of your chosen craft.  It's about the self-knowledge and understanding to accept the failures as successes, and the grit to pull oneself back up.

Still haven't answered the question:  what am I searching for?

Connections.  Not the "pass a business card" or "bump an iPhone" variety.  Rather a connection with something.  Someone.  A story.  A collaborator.  Film is the most collaborative of the arts.  Anyone who attempts to do it all themselves is met by nothing but a wrecked life and a closed mind.  As a filmmaker, I seek connections with those who can help me realize the vision in my head, the vision that won't let go until it's in front of me.  Maybe they won't be my editor, my cinematographer, my writing partner, or my composer - but they walk the same path.

People who shuffle over the same rocks, only with a different set of shoes.

Food for thought - if it makes any sense.


moderndaystoryteller said...

Makes absolute sense. And how well you write.

Shuffling, banging into walls, ambling in circles... Sure paths to success. For me, it is revelation. This is what collaborating, making art, finding kindred spirits is all about. If I can discover one thing about who I am, for whom and to whom I speak (or try to) during my work process, then I am a happy woman.

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