04 January 2010

"Oyez!" Goes the Town Crier

I trust we've all semi-recovered from the assorted debaucheries and drunken revelries of the holiday season.  I know I have.  And I'm excited to kick 2010 (twenty-ten) off with a bang!  Time for some announcements...

First off, let's talk about my upcoming film slate.  I've got two short films in active development, one is an experimental (I know, shudder, but it will work) narrative called Shuffled, and the other is a musical comedy called Opus.  Opus has been with me for a long time, and it's a pleasure to bring Gatherer Kimberley Arnold onto the project, as she wrote an amazing piece of music for Opus.  Now I just have to get the whole movie-building bit off the ground.  Both projects will reunite me with my amazing sound guy Jay Cox, who made Gather 'Round the Mic sound like someone knew what they were doing.  No small feat.

On the film writing side, I'm collaborating with my new writing partner, the über-talented writer and soon-to-be lawyer (but I forgive him) Paul Klein on what we think is one hell of a feature flick.  I know, everyone says it, but I believe it.  Collaborating on this project has been an absolute joy, and has truly taught the meaning of the phrase "love what you do."  I haven't been this excited about writing since... well, ever, really.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll churn out another documentary.  I've got a few ideas percolating. Oh, oh!  And two music videos.

On the critical side, I'm going to continue reviewing Fringe and House for pulptone.com.  I'll be adding in a third show as well, Fox's soon-to-be-launched The Human Target, featuring Fringe alum Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and the insanely great Jackie Earl Haley.

One major change to my reviewing schedule this year.  For the forseeable future, I will not be turning in a review immediately after the show airs.  I have cut the cable cord, and am Netflix-streaming exclusive (on the TV - Hulu and others for online TV) for now, partly to cut costs as I search for a job, and partly because it's time to practice what I've been preaching.  New, on-demand, online media delivery is the future of film, television, and whatever else is birthed from the new distribution method.  To that end - my reviews will come out a week AFTER the show airs, when the shows are available online.  Might we consider *GASP* putting the show online the day after? Hint.  Freaking.  Hint.

And no, I won't be using iTunes.  I can't justify adding back half of my DirecTV budget for three television shows per month.

That said, this huge change in my household entertainment fix methodology has inspired a new (hopefully) weekly series here at Multi-Hyphenate called "Cutting the Cord."  It should come out every Sunday evening, though that schedule is clearly not set in stone.

Speaking of Multi-Hyphenate... I alluded to this when I took an insane stab at reworking the look of this blog.  I want to turn Multi-Hyphenate into a blogozine dedicated to giving Multi-Hyphenates of all persuasions a place to pen articles.  The spine of the new blogozine will be artists who self-distribute and promote their work, combining business savvy and their art into new models for distribution and potential for right-brain solutions to left-brain problems.  If that's a mouthful, here's a short version:

A blog that I would want to read.  And a blog I hope someone like Will Eisner would have found interesting.

So far, I have a few people interested.  I'd like to find more in the fields of novel/prose writing, music, and art/painting/sculpture/design.  If you're interested, drop me a comment!  More announcements on this soon.

Anyhow, that's all the news that's fit to print.  A big thank you to all for your support, and I look forward to making 2010 the most successful year possible with your help!


moderndaystoryteller said...

All the best to you this year, Tyler. May we all kick-ass in 2010!

Tyler Weaver said...

Let the kick-assery commence!

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