11 January 2010

The Town Crier Returns

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

In Multi-Hyphenated news...  


I was interviewed by David Allen of Video20Q and Mac20Q for his wonderful podcast series.  My episode went live today, and apparently, I made sense.

Anyhow, feel free to have a listen at David's site, and try not to be frightened of the huge head staring at you.  I don't bite.  Apparently.


In spite of my previous "Oyez" post, the DirecTV has returned to my house on a limited basis.  Thanks to this bit of wheeling and dealing with DTV, my reviews will return as scheduled this week, though only slightly and majorly manic.

Tonight is a double header of House and Fringe, followed by another episode of Fringe on Thursday.  The Human Target premieres on Sunday, followed by another House on Monday, another Human Target on Wednesday, and then another new Fringe on Thursday.

Rinse.  Wash.  Repeat.


Exactly two weeks from today, this little blog is going to undergo a major change.  Major in that I will no longer be the only one posting here.  The look is going to stay the same, but with any luck, a new post should arrive daily from some extremely talented and hyphenated people.  Be sure to stay tuned for Friday, January 29.  Big bit of fun to end (re)launch week.

As far as my postings go, this will still be my home every day of the week, and every Monday expect a new post from me.  On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, look for my reviews of House, The Human Target, and Fringe (respectively) at the ever pulpy pulptone.com.

We'll have all sorts of cool people showing up - Katie Winters, AKA @katiekapow, will be posting about her work as a multihyphenate photographer.  Anthony Schiavino (@pulptone), he of Pulp Tone and Sergeant Zero fame will be writing about comic books (including thoughts on the release of the iSlate (or whatever it's called)) and the future of comic books in this new media landscape.  And of course our first special guest on Friday the 29th.  But I'll hold that one close to the vest for now.

And that's the just the beginning.


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