06 February 2010

Proof of Hyphenation for the Week of February 1, 2010

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

The second week of bouncing baby MH's new life was filled with Kapowing, noir, stage presence, and 15 rules for documentary truth and authenticity.  Stay tuned next week for more fun-filled hyphenation!

Monday, February 1, 2010 

Spurred on by last night's ScriptChat (wonderful chat and gathering (what is it with me and Gatherings?) of screenwriters on Twitter) discussion re: the rules of writing, and at the request of Scriptchat PimpAngel (wonder what fun new Google term I'll find this blog classified under?) @jeannevb I'm going to list out my rules/commandments/good ideas of writing.

There is a scene early on in Scott Cooper's terrific Crazy Heart where Bad Blake (masterfully played by Jeff Bridges) finds out after a 400 plus mile drive in his '70s pick up truck that he's playing in what he describes as "another f---king bowling alley?!". This is where life has taken the once great and praised singer/songwriter.  He hasn't produced or written new material in years, he travels to hole-in-the-wall bars where he will occasionally find a woman for the night, and he's let alcohol control his life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

As many of you may (or may not) be aware, I write reviews of three television shows (HOUSE, FRINGE, and HUMAN TARGET) for the awesome Pulp Tone website run by Anthony Schiavino, he of Sergeant Zero and Multi-Hyphenate "Comic Book Day" fame. 

Kapowing! Kapowing the Everyday - by Katie★Kapow (''')-.-(''').
Opportunity – it’s everywhere.  That’s true for so much in life.  A couple of questions I am often asked are:  “Where do you get your ideas?” And “What is your inspiration?”  The only answer I can think of is also the simplest:  Well, everything!  One of the first things a good photography teacher will tell you is to constantly shift your perspective.  A common error is to center everything at eye level.  Although this is not a bad approach in some scenarios, you may miss what’s going on around you.  Today I wanted share a couple of Kapowing notes on being prepared and looking for the unexpected.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
An Epidemic of Noir - by Anthony Schiavino
It seems like these days, most prevalent in comics, that the word “NOIR” is thrown around so frequently that it’s completely lost it’s meaning. As it stands now you’ll find that most times you hear the word it will relate to crime stories and nothing more. A better term for these stories would be HARDBOILED. It’s dark, unrelenting, and goes very far past just noir. But there is another type, perhaps the original intent and that is FILM NOIR. For most it’s a term that only used for certain types of films, and that is not wrong at all, but for me it’s a type of story.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"In the STAR TREK universe, there is a general (very general) rule of thumb: the even number films are the good ones, while the odd-numbered (with the exception of Abrams' reboot) suck. HUMAN TARGET seems to be of a similar installment-quality give and take.

Click below for my full review at pulptone.com...

As with some of the new bloggers here, I met Tyler on Twitter as part of the group of filmmakers I have been able to connect with using the platform, you know the one that everyone thinks is “dumb” and they don’t “get.” It is quite useful in finding people with similar interests and I am glad if not relieved to have found a good group of film people from all over the world who relate to this crazy, artist world that is independent filmmaking. 
I’m watching Pink singing, suspended near nude and soaking wet in a sling of white fabric. She spins and reels and twists and when finally landing safely back on the Grammy Awards stage looks decidedly proud and self satisfied. Why shouldn’t she, she’s just given a performance unlike any we’ve ever seen, worthy of a circus performer or an athlete.  I am impressed but I also realise that I have absolutely no idea what she was singing about past the first few moments when her feet were still earth bound. Or what the actual song had to do with being trusted up and flown about like bundle in a stork’s beak.  I realize that I have been WATCHING her sing which is a contradictory action.  Singers, sing to be heard, not watched, a lesson Susan Boyle surely must have taught us by now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why can’t I quit you?  Why can’t I just let your inane programming decisions and audience-abusing tendencies drive me away forever? Why can’t I turn off the switch that makes me care about and love a show? You abuse me. You toy with my emotions, with my patience, with my sanity. My hair has turned more gray during my months reviewing your shows, and I’ve become more and more verbose and unflinching in my attacks on you.

Click below for my full review at pulptone.com

FRINGE: A Glimmer of Things to Come 

A small caveat:   These “rules” apply to MY KIND of Filmmaking, not necessarily yours,  a polemic ala Michael Moore or Panama Deception, or a Nick Broomfield film.

1.) Gotta love people.  Be Curious.  

If you don't, you're probably in the wrong business. You've got to be endlessly fascinated, amused, and intrigued by people.

2.) "We're Having a Conversation Here."

Just relax, talk to me as if we're in a bar.


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