22 February 2010

Tyler @ marialokken.com - The Good, the Meh, the Gah: Behind the Rant

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope you're slowly moving towards something resembling "awake."  If not, remember that the robot in B-movies did alright with just flailing its arms around and wandering aimlessly.

But I'm not here to talk robots (as much as I'd like to talk about robots - hmmm... new post?), I'm here to give you a link to my newest article - this time on my television reviewing - on television producer Maria Lokken's website: The Good, the Meh, the Gah - Behind the Rant.

So far, four Mondays have produced four articles for Maria's site - a trend I've greatly enjoyed.  In some semblance of order, the article are:

February 1, 2010: A Film in the Life of a Multi-Hyphenate Guppy
February 8, 2010: I'm a Filmmaker with Karate Chop Action... Redux
February 15, 2010: Indie? Studio? Screw It.  Entertain.

Without further backwards clickery, here's an excerpt from the newest article:

The ingredients that have thus far made up the concoction I call a  career can be described, in a word, as “mucho.” Drummer. Orchestral percussionist.  Composer.  Film composer.  Filmmaker.  Add in a dash of non-profit management and my newest seasoning – critic – and the pierogie that is my hyphenated mish-mash of a career takes on a distinctly saucy turn.

Since September of 2009, I have cast a critical eye on J.J. Abrams’ FRINGE and David Shore’s HOUSE for Anthony Schiavino’s Pulp Tone website.  Last month, I began reviewing the new Mark Valley/Chi McBride/Jackie Earl Haley-starring series, HUMAN TARGET.  They are three distinctly different shows (though not without their similarities), and reviewing them has opened up my eyes to a number things that is done well in television, and a number of ills.

Though the three television shows I review are different, and I can’t apply many of the same criteria to each review, there is one criterion to everything I review that must be present:

To read the complete article, click on over to Maria Lokken's website by following the link below:

Tyler Weaver is a filmmaker, writer,  and unrelenting multi-hyphenate, a regular contributor to the pulptone.com website, and is the founder and EIC of Multi-Hyphenate... which you're reading right now.  He's currently making new things and yaks about that and more on Twitter under the creative guise of @tylerweaver.


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