09 February 2010

Tyler @ Pulptone - HOUSE: The Daily Grind

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

In the space of a few episodes this season, Lisa Cuddy had gone from being one of my favorite characters to my least favorite character on the show. It seemed that when the character was actually happy, she was more annoying (probably a horrible thing to say, but it’s true).

Fortunately, the HOUSE powers-that-be decided to change up the tried and true HOUSE formula for one of the best done-in-ones in the show’s history – a template all serialized dramas should follow (more on that later) – that made me like the character once again – happiness and all.

In fact, it’s a testament to the excellence of the episode that I will forgive its most heinous crime: opening an episode with someone turning off an alarm clock. There are very, very few reasons for this to actually be the opening to anything – and this episode pulled it off quite well. It’s a “day in the life of,” making it suitable – and most importantly – in character for a character such as Cuddy to start her day sans drama, structured, turning off the alarm clock.

Then the drama ensues.
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Natasha Fondren said...

I really loved this episode, but my husband hated it. He said it felt like a soap opera, which is interesting, because I don't think he's ever watched a soap opera in his life, LOL.

It was definitely fresh and new, which is great, after all this time.

Tyler Weaver said...

Hi Natasha -

Thanks for having a read! I was really impressed with the episode as well. It was a simple switch, but a fascinating, character-informed new perspective on the HOUSE formula.

Thanks again!

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