11 February 2010

Tyler @ Pulptone - HUMAN TARGET: Growing Pains & Gains

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

Thankfully, the “curse of the odds” is broken, and HUMAN TARGET appears to have found its footing! Now it just needs to keep growing.

I’ll admit, I was extremely worried about this show in the beginning. The pilot was so-so, the second episode was quite good, then the third was pretty awful. An incredible jump in quality followed, with episode four being the best of the lot, and then this newest episode, “Run,” topped that – though admittedly, I missed Winston field action, and the comic book “alternative sermon.”

Sexy assistant DA lady is in a bind.  She’s got crooked cops and half of San Francisco gunning for her as she moves forward with the prosecution of the mob boss (and SPOILER: DADDY) Whitey Doyle (William B. Davis of X-FILES Cigarette-Smoking Man fame). So, of course, she does what anyone in trouble in the HUMAN TARGET universe does. She hires Chance and crew to lure the bad guys out. Ass-kicking, T&A, and Jackie Earl Haley ensue.

And really, what more does a show need?

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