12 March 2010

LadyGaga. “Telephone.” Or, ‘Easy Rider.’

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LadyGaga and honeybun Beyoncé on a pre-sugar killing ‘high.’ “Telephone” - music video from ‘The Fame Monster’ (2009).

“once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.”
- lady gaga.
"trust is like a mirror. you can fix it if it's broke." - beyoncé
"but you can still see the crack in that mutherf----er's reflection."
- lady gaga

A cleverly slick and designed cross-platform release, latest pop-out-of-the-box icon in the make Lady Gaga - has a euro-styled engineered single on the airwaves.

And in your computer.

Heard the vibe, 'she's cool,' 'it's awful,' 'I just can't get into it.' Uh-huh. Here's why everyone is, "into it."
Arguably the strongest culture backlash since Madge starting rolling around in the now distilled MTV platform,  

Gaga has proved - she's more than a flash in your pan.
She writes, collaborates, bleeds for us, and still thinks - she's unrecognizable in public circles.
And what the film community should mirror - Lady Gaga knows, how to shop.
By taking a brand [hers], to Market. Mass market.
And the hullabaloo about Lady Gaga’s “Telephone ” premiere being, “leaked…”

With more cultural references about a displaced soulless society than dance moves, Lady Gaga's "Telephone," mixes spaghetti western, goody-goods gone bad, mass consumerism and americana theme into a Tarantinoesque film short mash-up. And in that 10 minutes of story - is an effective display of timed, product placement.

Lady Gaga/House of Gaga Prod Timeline.

1.28.2010 : Director Jonas Åkerlund, tasks “Telephone” music video, in Lancaster, CA. 

1.29.2010 : New York magazine spills singer/actress Beyoncé bails Lady Gaga out of jail, but back in 2009, Gaga set the tone for future collaboration. Set photos depict Gaga and Beyoncé in the truck Uma Thurman’s ‘Bride’ cops in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill (2003-4), the “P–sy Wagon. ” The fashion, in the ‘mini-me video,’ including denim by designers Oscar Lima and Frank Fernández.
2.5.2010 : KIIS-FM Interview. Lady Gaga tells Ryan Seacrest like “Paparazzi “, “Telephone,” will be a short film. “I feel so bad for the ‘Bad Romance’ video ’cause the ‘Telephone’ video’s so much better. What I like about it is it’s a real true pop event, and when I was younger, I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that’s what I wanted this to be.”
2.12.2010 : And Semi Precious WeaponsJustin Tranter - tells MTV news, “Yeah, we are in the ‘Telephone’ video and we die in it…”

2.15. 2010 : Three video/film stills from “Telephone” posted on the Lady Gaga’s website, Gaga announcing to Twitter the video “is coming” - detailing, it was being edited and she wanted the endgame, perfect. The video premiere, pushed back to March 2010 - with, 

3.9.2010 : More stills of the music video appear on Gaga’s website and one, 3.4.10 already on Twitter .

3.11.2010 : “Telephone” premiered on E! News and Vevo.com Thursday, 11:30pm EDT.

* *

In "Telephone," 'bad, bad, Gaga' snaps shots of 'B' practically "krumping" behind the wheel. Timeline : 1.5.2010 : Lady Gaga - named Creative Director for Specialty Line of Polaroid Imaging Products . 1.7.2010 : Announces position at the 2010 consumer Electronic Show (CES) , Las Vegas.

Bled, for effect, Gaga drips from the rafters at the 2009 Grammy Awards. In interview with Ryan SEACREST, she reveals she had pick from many an Armani article for the night. And in the latest Internet vid release, has fashion designed by Vicktor and Rolf, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Thierry Mugler and Chanel.

Easy Rider

1969. First Time Director Dennis HOPPER, 32, crafted best-bud testosterone drive Easy Rider. A follow-up to Roger CORMAN's low budget The Trip (1967), Dennis Hopper worked the film with an uncrediteded stint as second unit director ( Jack NICHOLSON, screenwriter). What Hopper created, "Wyatt" and "Billy," referencing Western outlaws Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid ('Wild Bill' Hickcock), can easily be seen in Lady Gaga's "Telephone." ERider-1

The Easy Rider themes of displaced youth, disillusion with the politic and wild abandonment - mirrored in "Telephone." The latest music video and it's costumes - a combination of patriotic symbol with emblem of criminality and alienation: the American flag, cowboys and drugs. And Gaga and 'B' - the next Billy and Wyatt...


The goal of any movie can be to inspire, reflect, educate and hopefully expand thought with a view of what otherwise might not be seen. Art evokes emotion. And for each there is a responsibility to create. To become larger than our sum. May each of us connect more to the 'outlaw' in us and reach a larger market with our vision.

All we have to be... is our own Icon... And appeal to our "hero" inside.
Thank you Lady Gaga.

Who's next?

- quicksilverwest
quicksilverwest is continuity and can be contacted at @quicksilverfunsugar@yahoo.com and Twitter .


Dol said...

“once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.”
- lady gaga.
"trust is like a mirror. you can fix it if it's broke." - beyoncé
"but you can still see the crack in that mutherf----er's reflection."
- lady gaga

how ironic or simply telling that neither of the two quotes are from the song...

only words to play with said...

This is excellent! Thank you!

Other observations and discussion of "Telephone": http://onlywordstoplaywith.blogspot.com/2010/03/lady-gagas-telephone-observations-and.html

Gabriel Novo said...

The visuals are slick, but the music has no connection with the film and like a theater performance where there's no emotional connection between the material and the performer, it leaves you with a hollow feeling inside.

If you can explain to me what "telephone" had to do with jail, revenge/murder and vague Thelma & Louise references then I might like the video more.

The narrative is all delivered in shorthand. No real tale, just disjointed bits that are supposed to equal a "story". Wooden line delivery didn't help either.

I also feel like the only one who thinks this video is jammed with product placements not cultural references. Polaroid, Virgin Mobile,etc.... They even aped the Pussy Wagon to make it feel Tarantino-esque without actually doing anything similar to his style.

I dig Lady GaGa's music, fashion fearlessness and willingness to push boundaries, but just because her work is different doesn't mean its good.

For me it falls into the "hot mess" category. As alluring as a car wreck, but painful to watch in the end.

quicksilverwest said...

Re: Gabriel,
Whether "Slick" or "novel," Art is to get us talking and participating. A reaction - good or poor,the effect.
I submit to you the music is "performance" itself - as for product placement: Iconography is the "Essential cultural reference."
Or do we not identify with a name brand First before we "buy..?"
As for the "identification" with Tarantino's "Wagon" - the goal was not to duplicate what was already seen, but, reference it. Why bother?.. Why choose any media to depict a vision or story. A: For effect.
Lady Gaga's work - good or bad, like or hate, is entertainment.
May we all be Successful bringing vision to Light.
- quicksilverfunsugar

quicksilverwest said...

Re: Only Words To Play With,

The Gaga Law: WENOUGETIT ;)

Thank you,

- quicksilverfunsugar

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