24 March 2010

My Comic Book Swan Song

by guest columnist Anthony Schiavino.  Follow him on Twitter.

Sometimes a plan just comes together unexpectedly. Due to a number of factors in real life, my monthly comic collecting days as I know them are coming to a close. Between the job situation, and the increasing prices...it’s all just come to a head very quickly.

I don’t collect all that much and I probably collect more then I should at times. It doesn’t help, although it’s a good thing, that my comic shop has dollar back issues. On one hand it’s sad because my 14-plus years of collecting is about to stop. On the other hand it’ll allow me to save more money in our budget, and floor space.

The part where it all comes together where it gets weird. As if it’s sort of meant to happen. Every comic that I get, every story that I’m reading, ends today or next month.

All of it.

Blackest Night. The Marvels Project. Criminal. Captain America. Green Lantern.

Done and wrapped with an ending. The following month they either go on hiatus, like Criminal, or start up major story lines in the Age of Brightest Heroism.

Stories that I’m somewhat interested in, but nothing I can’t wait for. I don’t have a choice either way. Brightest Day and the Heroic Age are going to have to wait.

But I see a positive in all this. Not collecting monthlies will allow me - every once in awhile - to buy trade paperbacks of full stories. It will allow me to read classic stories I should have read years ago but just never have for no real reason. It will allow me to seek out more independents online, supporting them more then I am now.

I stopped believing in coincidence a long time ago. I’ve seen too much. Too much good.

Maybe this isn’t something that will matter, or that will change the world but it is one of those moments when it all makes sense.

That’s what the past year has been like for me. It’s been this constant deconstruction of my life, how I look at things, what I spend my money on, and all therein. Not only comics but movies and everything else. Is it better to buy that cheeseburger or save up for the next issue of Green Lantern? The more it’s happened the more I’ve enjoyed life. I started writing - more and more - until it took off like a fever dream. The door had been blown wide open.

I’ve enjoyed the comics I’ve read much more. I’ve read many more comics I enjoy

The future really is going to be brighter, pun intended, for my comic collecting.

I love it when a plan comes togetha.

From the halls of Marvel Comics as a mutant editorial intern to the heights of the Flatiron designing book covers and straight on through newsrooms as an art director, Anthony Schiavino has seen action and then some. Pounding away at the keyboard, working well into the night, he mixes his love of old hard-boiled stories, hopeless romance and black and white movie dialogue like a good stiff drink. A writer and designer from New Jersey, Anthony’s work can be seen on a wide range of pulp and comic book publications such as “Ghost Zero,” “The Phantom: Generations,” and the “Black Forest.”

He can be found talking comics, movies, television, and all things pulp on Facebook and Twitter



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