16 March 2010

Tyler @ CIFF - The Skinny

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

I'm excited.

In just three short days, I'll be putting an "All-Access" pass around my neck with those sexy lanyards, and covering the 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival for this, my bouncing baby experiment of a magazine, Multi-Hyphenate.  Mad props have to go out to MH contributor and maker of the documentary, The End of the World As We Knew It, Michael Wendt for getting me in on this crazy adventure.

And it's a crazy adventure. I've been to festivals, but I've never actually covered a film festival.  So, I'm making all this up as I go along, which is my favorite way to work.  Trial by fire.

So here's how the next two weeks are going to work.  The daily articles will continue, though not daily.  I'm not shutting down the contributor driven section of MH to make way for endless posts about the Film Festival.  It's an important time for MH, and I'll be sending a LOT of new people to this site.  So, I want to keep the momentum going, showing all these new eyes what MH is all about.

To keep everyone in the loop, and make what amounts to a "new media documentary" about my experience at the Festival, I've set up a Tumblr account exclusively for MH's festival coverage, called...

Festive MH: @ CIFF

Photos, mini interviews, random thoughts, films I'll be seeing, chats, etc. will all be going in here, updated pretty much in real time.  So, be sure to add Festive MH to your RSS reader at http://festive-mh.tumblr.com/rss

and check out the mobile version at http://festive-mh.tumblr.com/mobile for you iPhone touchy-feely-screenie types.

Festive MH is also set to automatically update the MH Twitter account (@multihyphenate), so be sure to follow Multi-Hyphenate on Twitter, where I'll also be posting the 140-character randomness you've come to know and (maybe) love.

I'll also be updating on my personal Twitter account (@tylerweaver) throughout the time as well, so feel free to follow there too.

Then, assuming I'm conscious and able to put a sentence together, I'll be writing a daily wrap up for the papa Multi-Hyphenate.  It will include the goings-on throughout the day, links to things from Festive MH, and other assorted fun.  Interviews and Reviews will be initially on Festive in short form, then post-craziness, I will expand them into full-length pieces - assuming I know my own name.

So that's pretty much it.  You now know as much as I do.

The rest, I'll make up as I go along.  Looking forward to having you along on the adventure!

P.S. If there's anyone out there looking for CIFF coverage for their publication, but is unable to make it, please contact me via email at tyler@tyler-weaver.com to discuss what I can do to help out.

Tyler Weaver is a filmmaker, writer, contributor to the pulptone.com website, and is the founder and EIC of Multi-Hyphenate... which you're reading right now.  He's currently making new things and yaks about that and more on Twitter under the creative guise of @tylerweaver.


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