18 March 2010

Tyler @ Pulptone: HUMAN TARGET - Playing It Safe with Foam Balls

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow him on Twitter.

No honeymoon lasts forever.
Maybe I should have been more concerned during last week’s preview. Using Human Target to accompany a song from Muse (a band I fail to see the appeal of) said one of two things. One, Fox has something going on with Muse (they do, Rupie’s News Corp.-owned MySpace is running a live streaming broadcast of Muse’s SXSW concert from Austin), and two, that they had to make the episode seem cooler than it actually was.
Chance’s ex-assassin trainee, Baptiste (played by Snatch’s Lennie James) is in town to kill everyone at a super-secret peace meeting between Taiwan and China in Georgetown. During his less-than-reputable time under the employ of “The Old Man,” Chance trained Baptiste, and presently has a hard-on for kicking his ass. Joining him on this quest to save unnamed dignitaries and kick aforementioned ass are Sexy FBI Lady (Emmanuelle Vaugier – returning from what was worst episode of the show so far), Sexy Computer Geek Girl (a new addition to the team, Leila, from the “Lockdown” episode – one of my favorite episodes), and of course, Winston and Guerrero, as they train SCGG in the ways of Human Targeting.
Which, come to think of it, they really haven’t done much of.  I think the core concept of the show (that Chance impersonates someone close to the target to draw out the killers) has sort of been dropped.  Now it’s just rescue and run.  But of course, this time, it’s personal.

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