19 April 2010

Jon Reiss' TOTBO Tip of the Day 1 - The Next Chapter

by guest columnist Jon Reiss.  Follow him on Twitter.

(Editor's note - This is a brand new series that is running on MH, with the cooperation of Jon Reiss and several other blogs.  Enjoy! - Tyler) 

Many of you might know me from the book that I have written recently, Think Outside the Box Office (TOTBO for short).  The primary reason that I wrote it was to share what I had learned while distributing my film Bomb It with other filmmakers so they could learn from my successes and mistakes.  In the continuation of that mission I am launching two more initiatives – both in support of how people want to interact with this information.  The first is a series of workshops around the world.  It seems that the live experience is as important as the written word in imparting this information for many people.   We are starting  with London on May 8/9, Amsterdam on the 12/13, New York on June 5, Vancouver on June 12/13, San Francisco July 31/Aug1 with more being lined up. 

The second initiative is the launching of a TOTBO Tip of the Day.   This will soon be joined by Resource of the Day.   In these tips, I will give not only a sense of what’s in the book and workshop, but they will be a forum to convey new tips to you as I learn them.  

I want to know what you think!  Comment here or on my blog, or @Jon_Reiss on twitter, or on the TOTBO Facebook page.   I look forward to hearing from you.
Named one of “10 Digital Directors to Watch” by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss is a critically acclaimed filmmaker who has produced and directed three feature films, most recently Bomb It (Tribeca 2007) about graffiti, street art and the battle over visual public space throughout the world. Jon is the author of Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution in the Digital Era. For more information go to http://jonreiss.com/blog  or follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Jon_Reiss.


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