05 April 2010

Just Wondering... #1

by Tyler Weaver. Follow me on Twitter.

With all of the options out there, and the launch of the iPad... here's my question for you:

What's your favorite way to watch a film? In a movie theatre? At home with a DVD? Netflix? Netflix Instant? Live reenactments with sock puppets? 

Discuss and pontificate in the comments field!


The Dark Scribe said...

Used to love watching in the theater. Then God invented cell phones and allowed stupid people to possess them.

Now I love watching at home with Netflix. It's comfortable, I can turn it up as loud as I want, and nobody tries to sell me a small popcorn for $42.50. While I love Netflix Streaming, not everything is in HD, so I'm a little happier with the actual disc.

Great topic!

davidpbaker said...

People say watching a movie in a theatre is a "Communal Experience"

I have wanted to bury phones up peoples asses in my local multiplex. I think of nasty ways to kill them when they need a commentary from each other on whats happening! So I HATE theatres now.

I find being online a more "communal experience" I guess even playing an xbox live might even be called that.

However, I think if you have hardcore "movie fans" at special event screenings, then I find these type of audiences are better.

To answer the question, I prefer home viewing. But I do like the idea of events like http://www.secretcinema.org I just hate multiplexes.

Live reenactments with sock puppets? I might pay to see that!


Tyler Weaver said...

Hi. I'm Tyler. And I've been an XBox/Netflix streaming addict for two months.

I mean, they've got almost the entire Criterion collection on there! It's great!

David -

I loathe going to movie theaters. Home theaters and the occasional sock puppet reenactments (David, give us MISSION X with sock puppets, please?)are where it's at. We need to focus on distribution via live sock puppet performance. It's the wave of the future.

Thanks for commenting guys!

davidpbaker said...

Tyler! Genuis! MX Sock puppet merchandise! I'm on to china for an army of them! 90% mark up! Its on its way!

I persoanlly think lots of people will have home cinema, and the link from computer to tv will be the norm in five years.

I think when that kicks in, cinema is over. The multiplexes anyway. People will still have event screenings all over that combine music, meeting etc, but I think mainstream cinema is on borrowed time.

I am probably totally wrong, but its over for me. And I am not even sad about that, as I don't get nostalgic about yesterday.


moderndaystoryteller.com said...

Go the sock puppet! But I'm old-fashioned so would have to say the theater. Not so much the multiplexes but the small, old, slightly haunted ones that are nearing extinction.
Cool topic, Tyler.

Tyler Weaver said...

David - I agree with you. I think the cinema experience is going to become more the domain of amusement park films (Avatar, whatever Cameron wants to do, etc.), and that event screenings (home theater screens are BIG - plus digital is a sustainable resource, unlike the disposable DVD format)will pop up EVERYWHERE - not just the theater, but that's where I think Karen's comment comes into play...

Karen, I love going to the same type of theatre (if I have to go) that you enjoy, and I wouldn't be surprised to see those theatres have a bit of a resurgence as the alternative, where the "event screening" and smaller films will screen.

Thanks for the comments, guys!

The Dark Scribe said...

We're two cables away from going completely internet-based home theater. Netflix Streaming gives us enough of a TV fix, and anything current we want to watch we watch online. Once I get those cables we'll turn our TV into a Hulu pipeline.

Last summer I found an old theater in St. Louis where they still roll out an organ and play creepy music before the show. It was pretty neat.

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