28 April 2010

The ReTweetables - April 28, 2010

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

It's day two of the MH news experiment - "The Retweetables."  All the day's interesting links and assorted fun straight from the Multi-Hyphenate Twitter account. 


RT @filmutopia: A collection of info and resources for DSLR camera movie makers, now on #lgm http://tinyurl.com/38u5x...

RT @zaffi: "It's really hard to consume and create at the same time" http://bit.ly/cRHG7R (via @gapingvoid)

RT @fastcompany: Choose Your Own Adventure: The Gizmodo iPhone Saga. The long & short of it. [Infographic] http://bit.ly/9GMEoU

RT @2cre8: The 5 Old Blogging Rules Killing Your Readership @lisabarone - http://ow.ly/1E5xZ (h/t @jeremymeyers @swoodruff)

RT @LanceWeiler: The interview I did yesterday w @getstoried is live -http://bit.ly/cQz5fa topics covered #transmedia #storytelling #design

RT @WarnerArchive: Torchy Blane, the newsgal who inspired Lois Lane on the NY POST http://bit.ly/b9A2TB

RT @the99percent: Marketing & storytelling tips from Kurt Vonnegut: http://cot.ag/c5aZjn

RT @Variety: scribe Scarpelli dies: Obit: Oscar-nommed writer of 'Il Postino,' 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' -- ... http://bit.ly/bqlwWa

RT @livingspiritpix: some footage... where @shericandler and @Jon_Reiss talk about the new models of film... http://bit.ly/bOojZr

RT @pulptone: PULP TONE: Supernatural Hammers the Gods http://tinyurl.com/2cdgw...

RT @JasonThibault: RT @eljoseff: RT @ShermCohen: Cartoonists Guide to Speed and Productivity http://bit.ly/dxoLAB

RT @TheWrap: Are J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg working on a movie together? http://ow.ly/1Etx0


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