29 April 2010

The ReTweetables - April 29, 2010

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

It's day three of the MH news experiment - "The Retweetables."  All the day's interesting links and assorted fun straight from the Multi-Hyphenate Twitter account. 


RT @ScrivenerApp: RT @jrstrang: Blogged: Scrivener (Mac) as a blog management tool @ http://jrstrang.ca/?p=138

RT @ThereseWalsh: ... today's article on pitching story by @jchutchins today at Writer Unboxed. Fab x100. http://bit.ly/cdTE3Q

RT @mashable: Steve Jobs: Flash Is No Longer Necessary - http://bit.ly/auaDzU

RT @EitherOrFilms: Great articles on film at Iscamedia.com, .. http://ht.ly/1EPRX (@iscamedia)

RT @the99percent: Time management, money management & a D.I.Y.W.O. mindset – the 3 keys to creative professionalism: http://bit.ly/bqbNeI

RT @zakforsman: I'm devouring the archives of Jeff Steele's blog Film Closings. http://is.gd/bNF3M

RT @mashable: Google TV to be Unveiled Next Month - http://bit.ly/aKdoph

RT @ebertchicago: Alfred Hitchcock's forgotten silent films have been restored, will play UK in summer, tour world. http://j.mp/arkhUm


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