30 April 2010

The ReTweetables - April 30, 2010

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

All the day's interesting links and assorted fun straight from the Multi-Hyphenate Twitter account. 


RT @screenrant: Superman & Batman 3 Release Dates in 2012 http://screenrant.com/RO

RT @fastcompany: Does Privacy on Facebook, Google, and Twitter Even Matter? http://su.pr/1XslhN

RT @storytellin: Cindy Chastain-Thinking Like a Storyteller: Presentation on Interaction Design and storytelling... http://vimeo.com/9686849

RT @heyuguysblog: What do we all think of the first official Thor image released? http://bit.ly/bZV45W

RT @grking: RT @KageyNYC: Great ideas & tips! RT @Merrynell HOW TO: Pimp Your Film's Facebook Page http://post.ly/dIWH

RT @Jon_Reiss: The article from Screen Daily for all to see. http://bit.ly/cKBurA

RT @MikeElrod1: http://ow.ly/1FkcS My review of #Supernatural #THEDEVILYOUKNOW is up at Pulptone.com now! 

RT @TheWrap: Spielberg, Scorsese, Coppola, more sign petition urging Iran to release imprisoned filmmaker http://ow.ly/1Foq7


Michael said...

Hey man, thanks for posting this! Let's chat sometime next week.

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