02 April 2010

Tyler @ Pulptone - FRINGE: Give John Noble an Emmy

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

I moaned.  I groaned.  Eight weeks, I said.  Eight weeks between episodes.

If this episode is what we get after eight weeks of waiting, I’ll gladly wait eight weeks between episodes.

To put it mildly, this was the best episode of the series, finally taking down the final episode of season one.  To add in hyperbole, grounded in truth, and still feeling the same as I felt last night – “Peter” was one of the finest hours of television I’ve seen in a long time.

At the conclusion of the last episode, “Jacksonville,” Olivia finds out that Peter is from “the other side,” with Walter pleading, “Please don’t tell Peter.”  When we meet her this time, she’s been keeping her distance from the Bishop boys (it’s unclear how much time has elapsed since the last episode, possibly only a few days, maybe as much as a week – though I may have missed it if they said).  Walter shows up carrying his “window to the other side,” and the rest of the episode is told in flashback.  Beyond that, I’m not going to to recap the episode.

It needs your eyes, not my words.
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