12 May 2010

The ReTweetables - May 10-12, 2010

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

Delayed, but there's some good stuff from Monday through today straight from the Multi-Hyphenate Twitter account. 

RT @DreamsGrafter: New Blog Post: What's In A Name? http://bit.ly/cEaCUG #scriptchat

RT @DreamsGrafter: RT @lovelyfilm: RT @grking: New Blog Post ->> Odds & Ends from the Mancave http://bit.ly/d1fwee

RT @luge: Fed judge orders filmmaker; turn over 600 hrs. footage: Chevron owe billions for oil contamination... http://snipurl.com/w4dl2

RT @grking: New Blog Post: Something Lovely This Way Comes http://bit.ly/9hlStZ

RT @FilmmakerMag: Shocker -- Mike Fleming at Deadline reporting that Bob Berney has resigned from Apparition. http://bit.ly/aLYIuN

RT @TedHope: New & Updated! 38 More Ways The Film Industry Is Failing Today: http://hopeforfilm.com/ (slight mod from HuffPost)

RT @pulptone: PULP TONE: IRON MAN 2 REVIEW http://tinyurl.com/3xwty87

RT @fuzzytypewriter: RT @iFanboy Seriously guys, MUST READ: The Top 5 Unforgettable Comic Book Ads http://bit.ly/aRD9NU

RT @TiltTheMovie: How @jeannevb read the 1st draft of TILT & survived: http://bit.ly/aJulpW Wish everyone was so lucky. RIP Sam.

RT @tylerweaver: And here it is... my music video for @doloresdagenais, produced w/ @kleinpau - OBVIOUSLY... http://bit.ly/as6Ji3 Please RT!

RT @davidpbaker: a little shameless plug for my campaign. http://www.deathmovie.co.uk/ http://bit.ly/9m5HI4 Please have a look. :0)

RT @danperezfilms: Excellent read ... --> 5 Things that make Camera People better Storytellers: http://bit.ly/bheS64

RT @Merrynell: Today's Double D: The DO and DON'T on Connecting Your Profiles http://bit.ly/DoubleD1

RT @wired: LimeWire has been crushed in the RIAA infringement lawsuit http://bit.ly/aZIuRg #notsurprising


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