13 May 2010

Rock and Roll Filmmaking

by guest columnist David Baker.  Follow him on Twitter.

want to make work for middle class safe couples who want to watch a movie with a bottle of wine, and then pontificate about the nothingness in it afterwards with their dinner party friends!

I will leave that to Richard Curtis!

want to make navel gazing, award desperate wannabe art drivel, that is made by self proclaimed geniuses, tortured souls, and whose only real goal is to try and get across how vulnerable and smart they are.

They neither know or care who their audience is. Receiving "Awards" is the only validation they need. "I want to win an Oscar!" What is this?  The Olympics?

want to make social realism that has been made into an expensive drama, instead of a cheap but effective documentary. If you are heavily into social issues, cool, we ALWAYS need them. Our world is a mess, bravo, I love docs, but I don't want to see them in "movie theatres"

(Digg at social drama UK)

want to make establishment government funded work or base my filmmaking principles on others manifestos or wisdom that they try to get us all to follow. I abhor text book filmmaking. You tell me to go left, I will go right! You can't teach this shit!!

(The basics, yes.  But not the important shit!)

even want to make Hollywood homogenized crap that is only created so it can be turned into a burger box, toy, or a theme park. Hey, I don't hate Hollywood, I hope to work with them too, but there's playing and there's whoring, and there's taking it up the ass!

I don't mind playing a little, but that's it!


  • Take you on a mental, spiritual, emotional, and psychological rollercoaster ride that crosses multiple platforms, taking you around bends you never saw coming!
  • Stage an assault on your senses and your brain!
  • Provoke, inspire, and break all the conventions of filmmnaking, and create content that is not limited by all the restrictions of conventional story telling.
  • Do what you say I can't do!
  • Fuck it up myself, without being told I need to think of this or that!
  • Do things that have never been done in story telling, marketing, and distribution
  • Make ART & POP, so I am reaching an audience with a brain, but at the same time not alienating those who are just developing theirs, or trying to get theirs out of their ass!
  • SMASH it all up, and restart it all fresh!
  • But most of all I want to do what I want to do, and not be told by ANYBODY what I should do and how I do it. Thats against all my principles of wanting to be a filmmaker. Hollywood suits do that, we don't need memo check lists from "indie experts" who have crystal balls! (People who have DONE it, then share, super cool. There's a difference)
It's a great time we live in, but I think we also just need a little bit of anarchy. It's all fine and dandy finding the "perfect model". But Hollywood has had a solid model for years, and they have still produced shit. Do we want to end up the same!

Lets just shake it up a little!! No, no lets BURN it all up and start again

David Baker is an actor, writer, director, and producer from Scotland. He has two feature films to his credit, and is currently developing and getting ready to make his 3rd film. His long term goal is to work with in the industry, but his real objective is to also build a direct to market route for his self produced personal projects. 


Jason @ Filmmaking Stuff said...

David - Keep pushing forward. Sounds like an awesome set of rules for all filmmakers. . . Keep pushing on and keep making movies!

Jason Brubaker
Filmmaking Stuff

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