14 May 2010

Shrek Forever After: Medieval Peasant Faire, Part II

by guest columnist Quicksilverwest.  Follow him on Twitter.

(Editor's note - part one of this post lives at Quicksilver's blog.  Yay for cross-blogging! - T)

Shrek Forever After : California's Going "Green," Moneybags, green.
There is no so such monster as "too much." In a Universe where all is preponderant and bliss, why do we always pick on the movie?
Shrek Forever After Medieval Peasant Faire, Part II

In Shrek Forever After : Medieval Peasant Faire, total recall, thirty-passed, days, when Dreamworks was all a dither about the unscheduled, sched in the 'oh-so-not-so-shocking,' "Shrek Guy."

Recap Fast,

VMan, magazine, up with a Shrek layout, paid homage to characterization medieval-present with shock-value, the only surprise.

The beef? Youth exposed to the dangers of talking animals, dancing evil princes, bad-ass princesses, reclining mules and felines and genuflecting gingerbreadmen. What's the deal?

First, animation is hardly Trix is for kids. It's the Adults that put in the subtext. I remember seeing my first Disney movie ever, Snow White, when I was six.

Remember SW?

SFA4-4I sat there with the 'rents, glued to the edge of my seat, practically talking to the screen at sweet little "Snow," freaking because she was about to eat that poisoned apple.

And I loved every freaking moment.

I loved being scared.

Yes, some treats are not for youths. Yes, the world has gone already into a hand basket and it's 2012 Mayan-style coming to all. But can you name one person who doesn't really like, "a little scare?" Or perhaps, a little, "slap and tickle?" Why is it whenever something at very edge of entertaining comes, it gets a beat down like a quaffle in a game of quidditch by media and fanboy/girl alike; but give me something existential and sniff-sniff, it's Award season time?


The deciding should be left to the viewer. The content, proffered from the creator. Like apple-buying, pick, select, eat. Sweet.

Can't we just enjoy the movie?

Dreamworks, any production co., distributor or team, knows producing-rule. There is never a thing as sure bet, but an advanced strategy... The Dreamsworks and VMan magazine spread; guess who was Stylist? Nicola FORMICHETTI. The same stylist for Lady GAGA. That alone should have sent flag signal of every colour to the D-Team side. "That's right, honey bee."

Here's The VMan Magazine spread
SFA4-6In Hollywood, it's always Advance. It's how the wheel goes. And sometimes, the "bet" even pays. My question, why shouldn't it? Our Motion Picture Industry is growing. With approvals for online writers and media content production and producer and showrunner credit on tap, movies and moviemaking as an art, are expanding. The micro-budget surge toward more studio/independent movies is no more than diversification. (There's always been a micro/mini budget production scale, B-movie or what have you). That means more work for everyone below the line. Pickings will vary always, but not too long ago, who even heard of a "webisode?"
If you've got the moviemaking bug, it's the love of being a part of something greater creatively that fuels, and that's simply the best.

I want to be entertained. I love movies. I want to be shocked, enraged, ensconced, titillated, and all-out Na'vi-porned. I Love It. Throw me all the medieval 'this is wrong,' 'that's not right,' and I say, fine. Just keep making movies (Industry) and allow all things to work themselves out. I want options to see when I go movie-gaga. Dot.orgs, Stop telling me what I should watch and discontinue trying to legalese-away my options. It's still freedom first.


And I like talking gingerbreadmen.

Quicksilverwest works in Continuity and writes for Multi-hyphenate and Quicksilverfunsugar. Tell him "hi" on "Twitter." Part I of Shrek Forever After Medieval Peasant Faire, on quicksilverfunsugar.  Shrek: Forever After comes to theatres in domestic release, May 21, 2010.


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