21 May 2010

Tyler @ Pulp Tone - FRINGE: Break on Through

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

“You did cross universes twice to save my life, so that’s gotta count for something, right?”
If you’re going to end a season with a bang, this is the way to do it.  Tight, taut (with one notable exception – more later) storytelling, and though I’m loathe to say it because of my disdain for his writing, highly skilled direction from “consulting producer” Akiva Goldsman; show-best performances from Anna Torv (in her dual roles of Haunted Olivia the Blond and Naughty Olivia the Red) and Joshua Jackson, the return of Kurt Acevedo as bald Charlie, and the long-awaited confrontation between Walter Bishop and William Bell – for what will be Leonard Nimoy’s final performance (and what a send off!!).
After losing Peter to the other side, Walter assembles the children of Jacksonville to pop open a door to the Walternate-verse, where, one by one, the Jacksonians are killed, as Olivia and Walter make their escape from the tough, bad-ass alternate versions of Olivia the Red and Bald Charlie.  Peter and the Walternate meet, and eventually Olivia the Blonde convinces Peter that he’s being used to destroy our world – and they share a kiss when Olivia professes her need for him.  With Peter in tow, a shootout ensues, with William Bell going all bad-ass and blowing stuff up, and making the final sacrifice to send Walter, Peter, and “Olivia” home – suitably enough being “beamed out” for good as he opens the door with his unstable atoms.
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