07 May 2010

Tyler @ Pulp Tone: FRINGE - Walternate!

by Tyler Weaver.  Follow me on Twitter.

Just. Wow.
This episode was a long time coming for several reasons. The first is that Joshua Jackson actually got to have a whole episode to himself. I had always hoped that we would see a FRINGE episode from Peter’s past, as a “doer of many things” in seedy parts of the world, but this will do nicely. Jackson makes a highly watchable protagonist, once freed up from his standard FRINGE duties as Walter’s sounding board and guardian.
On a journey to find himself after the revelations of “The Man from the Other Side,” Peter ends up in a small Washington town. Someone’s killing people who have come into contact with Peter, and Peter sees Newton at the first crime scene, leading him to suspect that they’re after him.  Overtired and paranoid, it’s not necessarily the case – until Newton and “Mr. Secretary” show up in Peter’s hotel room – revealing the “Secretary” to be the Walternate!
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